Mission for Vision

Mission-for-Vision is a 501c qualified non profit organization that supports University based vision research. On this site you will be able to obtain free educational information about the eye, anatomy-of the-eye, (ocular-anatomy), eye-pathology, human-eye-diseases, purchase select books, and link to key articles about eye diseases. Here is a brief outline of our main academic content:


  • Anatomy of the Eye
  • Eye and Orbit by CT Scan Images
  • Ocular Pathology Tutorial
  • Dental School General Pathology Study Guide
  • Histology of the Eye for Dental Students
  • Articles

  • Complications of LASIK
  • Dry Eye Disease
  • Books for Purchasing

    Ocular Cytopathology, An Atlas Glasgow and Foos 1993


    We have provided educational content for ophthalmologists as well as general pathology and eye-histology for medical students, dentists and dental students, pathologists, and other professionals. Mission for Vision encourages your participation in supporting basic research to cure eye diseases. Click on links in site map to obtain information, donate , or participate in our fund raising events. Books on sale at this website have been donated by our members to support research in eye diseases and are tax deductible. Your support enables us to fund projects to cure glaucoma, diabetes mellitus, dry eye disease, cancers, serious eye infections and other causes of blindness. This website was donated by members of our support group, the Mission for Vision Golf Club. Proceeds from advertising revenue are minor and used by the support group to defray the cost of maintaining this website.

    Your contributions to Mission for Vision can be targeted in some cases for specific research goals, for example dry eye disease or cancer. A minimum contribution of $5000 is necessary for the funds to be utilized in this manner. Large donations may be targeted for research programs and endowed chairs for individual researchers at major Universities provided their research meets the criteria of the Science Advisory Board and has the support of the board of Mission for Vision.

    Mission for Vision is largely supported by donations from its members and supporters. The offering of donated books or products and advertisements does not imply endorsement by Mission for Vision or by contributing authors and editors. All advertisements are clearly denoted throughout the website and in the journal, similar to the advertisements displayed on this page.

    The fund raising events shown on this website are hosted by Mission for Vision Golf Club which is a separate entity from Mission for Vision. The goal of the Mission for Vision Golf Club is to host charity events to support the research goals of Mission for Vision. Proceeds from these events are given directly to Mission for Vision.