Ocular Cytopathology

An atlas that features the cytologic findings of the normal features and diseases of the eye.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Introduction to Ocular Cytopathology

The aim of this book is to provide pathologists, ophthalmologists, and students of ophthalmic pathology with an understanding of the appearance of fundamental lesions of ocular cytology. There is emphasis on techniques used to obtain and process laboratory specimens. Clinical and radiologic appearances are stressed where relevant to cytologic interpretation.
A general section of ocular anatomy may be quite helpful. This book includes sections on exfoliative cytology of the eye, intraocular washings and fine needle aspiration of the eye and the orbit. It is not intended to be a detailed exposition of all ocular diseases. Rather this atlas serves as a practical guide with information needed to interpret common eye cytology specimens. It is written for the general pathologist/cytologist with little in depth training in eye disease who is asked to interpret ocular specimens. Abundant clinical, radiologic and histologic material is presented to provide a general perspective for those with little previous experience in ophthalmology.
Hopefully this book will provide a valuable resource for clinicians faced with diagnostic problems that may be solved by cytologic techniques. In addition, detailed information regarding processing will assist clinicians to choose appropriate investigative techniques. Students of ophthalmic pathology will find this atlas useful to learn the basics of eye cytology and to apply knowledge of histology to cytologic features of eye diseases. To aid in this transition, numerous color gross and microscopic photographs are presented in the printed version.

In the version currently presented on line we have provide links to illustrations and simulated microscopy. In time we will replace these with links to high quality photomicrographs from the atlas.

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