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Saturday, October 01, 2005

HELMINTHIC DISEASES- Cysticercus Cellulosae


Cysticercosis is the most common ocular tapeworm infection. Cysticercus cellulosae is the larval stage and Taenium solium is the adult worm. T. solium is endemic in Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, and Central and South America. Infection occurs in man when raw pork is ingested and the larvae grow into an adult worm. Ocular cysticercosis occurs if eggs are regurgitated or ingested and develop into larvae that penetrate the small intestine. The larvae may lodge in the many ocular structures including the anterior chamber, vitreous cavity, subretinal space, and subconjunctival space. [41][42][43][44][45][46][47] Pars plana vitrectomy is the currently recommended procedure for removing the cysts from the vitreous cavity. [48][49][50][51]

The intact worm is easily recognized with scolex, rostellum, suckers, and hooklets. [52]However, because of sampling bias, specimens removed with fine needle aspiration or vitrectomy may include only fragments of the cyst wall or body of the worm and the diagnosis is thereby much more difficult (Figures 8-14 and 8-15). [53]

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