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This is a comprehensive study guide for dental students and dentists. On this site you will Histology of the Human Eye for UCLA Dental Students. In addition there is a comprehensive study guide for the Systemic Pathology.

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Infectious Processes page 3

Host Defense- Bacteriocins, Bacterial, Fungal, Viral Infections

  1. Name the determinants of pathogenicity.

  2. Recognize host defense mechanisms.

  3. Give an example of mechanical barriers.

  4. Define bacteriocins.

  5. Name some organisms that can penetrate the skin.

  6. Name some organisms that can invade mucous membranes.

  7. How do tears and mucous protect against infection?

  8. What is the effect of exogenous steroid hormone on the risk of infection?

  9. Explain how Gram negative bacteria can cause fever.

  10. How do endogenous pyrogens affect temperature regulation?

  11. What are some non-specific and specific factors that increase susceptibility of the host to infection?

  12. What is the A-B model?

  13. What is the human lethal dose of botulinum toxin type A?

  14. Name the most common pathogenic fungi.

  15. What percent of fungal types are pathogenic in humans?

  16. Approximately how many pathogenic viruses exist?

  17. What is the proportion of bacteria that are human pathogens?

  18. List the types of parasites that can cause disease.
What is the worldwide percentage of parasitic disease infection?


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