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This is a comprehensive study guide for dental students and dentists. On this site you will Histology of the Human Eye for UCLA Dental Students. In addition there is a comprehensive study guide for the Systemic Pathology.

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Thrombosis and Embolism

Platelets, Prostaglandins, Coagulation, Thrombosis, Hematoma
  • 1. What are the elements involved in hemostasis, and what is most important?

  • 2. Describe the function of platelets.

  • 3. What are prostaglandins and what do they do?

  • 4. In what tissues are prostaglandins commonly found?

  • 5. How are prostaglandins made by the cell?

  • 6. Describe what can affect the coagulation system.

  • 7. Define hematoma.

  • 8. What is thrombosis? Describe its pathology.

  • 9. Compare white and red thrombi.

  • 10. What is embolism?


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