Mission for Vision


Mission for Vision
The primary goal of Mission for Vision is to conduct research leading to effective treatments and cures for human eye diseases. The top priority is funding basic science or clinically relevant projects that search for understanding the causes of human-eye-disease. Mission for Vision also seeks to provide information related to eye disease for the public. Therefore this website, which was donated by the Mission for Vision Golf Club, contains some information about the eye-anatomy, eye-pathology, with images of eye-diseases and will continue to grow over time. Mission for Vision is formed by a staff of volunteers that includes scientists, physicians, and engineers. The entire proceeds of contributions will be used to fund university based medical research on human eye disease. Our charter is unique among charities in that it prohibits the use of donated funds for overhead expenses or administrative salary support. Mission for Vision is an IRS qualified charitable organization under 501(c). Donations greater than $5,000 may be targeted to specific research programs or eye diseases. In some instances Mission for Vision also permits the targeting of University research programs outside of eye diseases as long as the research meets the standards of the scientific advisory board. The board and consulting scientists have particular research interests in eye pathology, cancer, diabetes mellitus, dry-eye- disease, AIDS and glaucoma.



Lester Layfield, M.D.
President of Mission for Vision